Date newsitem: 03/06/2022

August 20th 2023

The 3th edition is around the corner, get busy with your registration!

Date newsitem: 28/08/2022

About last week...

Thanks to all participants. You were great!
We enjoyed all of your positive comments regarding the ride and the atmosphere at the finish.
Join us again next year  AUGUST 20th 2023!

Date newsitem: 01/07/2022

We added an extra distance to our routes!

Just because we felt like it...

You can now choose between 70 -  100 - 115 and 145 Km.
You have until  August 15th to subscribe!

Date newsitem: 02/02/2022

August 21th 2022

Get ready for our 2nd edition!

Préregistrations start April 1st 2022.

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