What we offer

- A surprising and diverse GPX-based gravelride with distances between 70Km and 145Km
  (GPX will be send to you after registration fee of €15 is completed)
- Start between 8 and 9 AM.
- Group start at 8.15 AM for extra fun along the way.
- Open shops on the road will be available on the roadbook.
- Mechanical and pick up service if things go wrong.
- A few Strava segments to let the beast go when you feel like it.
- Gravel burgers available after the ride.
- Beers on draft and a special Hoplex beer brewed in Melsele.

- Our greatest respect

What you do

- Préregistration before August 15th.
  (Registrations are complete after payment)
- Show up on August 21th 2022 between 8 and 9 AM with your gravel- cyclocross- or mountainbike.
  Tyres from 33 up to 40mm will do just fine.
- Enjoy the ride.
- Drink a few beers and share your stories with us.

Where you ride

We are "working" hard to offer you a quality, ride around the Waasland, crossing a wide range of pittoresque villages like Melsele, Puivelde, Waasmunster, Haasdonk...
If you keep your eyes open you will experience the great natural and cultural heritage of the region.
Alltough the course is mainly flat it will be a demanding ride with up to 60% off-road segments over combined surfaces.