Who we are

We started out as a group of friends  in 2012 sharing our passion for cycling in the small village of Melsele that has  a huge cyclingcommunity.
This became clear when year after year our team began to grow having up to 50 members in 2020.
As the team grew our interests in the diverstiy of cycling grew with it.
Riding not only  the paved roads of the polders in summer, but also the muddy claygrounds of the fields in winter.
 The Waasland has a lot to offer for any cyclist who is looking for the real deal.
Gravel, sand, cobbles, concrete, we have it all.
Let us show you!

The Waasland

Unknown by many, loved by those who know.
Explore the backroads of the Waasland by doing what you love the most, GRAVELGRINDING!

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Giovanni Cornu 0476/779131

Bank: BE23 7370 4366 4591


Alfons Van Puymbroeklaan 35
9120 Melsele


Sporthal 't Wit Zand
Albrecht Rodenbachlaan 23

9120 Melsele


August 21 2022
8.00AM - 9.00AM
Groupstart @ 8.15u